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Folding Prefab container house

Price: $5299,Preferential price:$3709

Hinge: Galvanized hinge

Wallboard: Rock wool color steel sandwich panel

Roof tile: rock wool color steel sandwich panel

Door: Security Door

Window: Aluminum alloy window

Flooring: Magnesium Flooring

Light: Ceiling light

Switch socket: 40×40

Circuit protector

The above parameters are for reference only. The factory shall optimize the design and improvement according to the needs of the product.


Features and Advantages of Foldable prefab Homes (Foldable Container Homes) The height of the folding prefab room is only about 0.3 to 0.5 meters after folding, which occupies a small space and is convenient for long-distance transportation and storage. Greatly reduce transportation costs and can be reused in different places. Since the movable house is processed in the factory and the interior decoration has been completed, the site can be used simply by pulling it up (insulation, heat insulation, floor, ceiling, doors, windows, walls, lamps, switches, sockets, and circuits are already processed at the factory). Take an activity room(prefab house) as a basic modulein making it more emergency home solutions, and you can build and combine them into your desired three-dimensional space. Can be widely used as offices, dormitories, camps, resort hotels, shops and so on. The folding movable room is made of rock wool color steel sandwich board, which is moisture-proof, shockproof, heat-retaining and heat-insulating. It is convenient and quick to install. Due to the foldable design, the storage and transportation costs are low and it is suitable for recycling and reuse.

Specifications: 5800mm (length) × 2500mm (width) × 2450mm(height)

After folding size: 5800mm (length) × 2500mm (width) × 390mm (height)

Bottom frame material is shaped steel galvanized rectangular tube, wall thickness 2.5

Column,beam material is shaped steel galvanized rectangular tube, wall thickness 1.5mm

The buyer bears the freight.
Payment method: After the payment is credited to the account, the factory arranges the goods according to the sequence of the remittance and arrives at the order, production, and delivery.

The factory only accepts wire transfer (T / T) and Western Union.

1. Telegraphic Transfer (T / T):

Beneficiary Name: Shenyang wengui international Trade company limited
Account Number: 297375445424
Bank Name: Bank of China, Shenyang Nanhu Branch Business Department

2. Western Union:

Payee: Tianxiaohe)
Name: xiaohe)
Last name: Tian)
Bank Name: Postal Savings Bank of China Shenyang Branch
Country: China
City: Shenyang

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