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New foldable container room is being widely used

There is almost no difference in the appearance of the new foldable container mobile home. Its uniqueness lies in its foldable design. After folding, it only has a quarter of the volume of ordinary mobile homes, which saves a lot of space and transportation costs during storage and transportation. . Most of the common container activity houses are processed from marine used containers. Due to their large size, each trailer can only transport one or two containers. The collapsible container activity room can greatly improve the efficiency of the transportation process, and the load of a car can be four times that of an ordinary activity room. Because of its small space, easy installation and recovery, it has been widely used in construction sites, camp offices, hotels in hotels, shops, living rooms and other places, and has been widely praised and welcomed.  Features and Advantages of Foldable prefab Homes (Foldable Container Homes) The height of the folding prefab room is only about 0.3 to 0.5 meters after folding, which occupies a small space and is convenient for long-distance transportation and storage. Greatly reduce transportation costs and can be reused in different places. Since the movable house is processed in the factory and the interior decoration has been completed, the site can be used simply by pulling it up (insulation, heat insulation, floor, ceiling, doors, windows, walls, lamps, switches, sockets, and circuits are already processed at the factory). Take an activity room(prefab house) as a basic module, and you can build and combine them into your desired three-dimensional space. Can be widely used as offices, dormitories, camps, resort hotels, shops and so on. The folding movable room is made of rock wool color steel sandwich board, which is moisture-proof, shockproof, heat-retaining and heat-insulating with maids a la mode cleaning services. It is convenient, can be financed with lower interest rates and quick to install. Due to the foldable design, the storage and transportation costs are low and it is suitable for recycling and reuse.

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